Meet our members! 

Karan Khanolkar
President & Co-FounderHead of Operations
Hi! I am Karan, the presiden and co-foundert of MixForAMission! I started MixForAMission to bring awareness to vegan food and vegan options to our world. By supporting MixForAMission, you not only support a small business, but you also support the climate and the animals! Don't be fooled, as a 2-time district culinary champion, these desserts pack a punch! 

Neev Ansel

Hi! I am Neev Ansel and proud to be co-founder and the website/design lead for MixForAMission. I wanted experience being a business, and when this opportunity came, I was eager to join. For the organization, I manage the website, design and more. I believe making donating our money to charities will not only help the community but help us improve our character. 

Faustin Harroch

Board Member
Public Relations

Hi! I am Faustin Harroch, and proud to be a board member and the PRO for MixForAMission! I joined MixForAMission because I wanted experience in outreach for my future career. I also wanted to make a positive change in our community and environment with the vegan products that we sell!

Tandisse Rahimi

Board Member

Hi, my name is Tandisse, and I am the treasurer and financial advisor of MixForAMission! I joined MixForAMission to get experience managing finances for my future. If you have any questions about which charities we donate to or anything like that, feel free to reach out to  
Decorating cakes 
Preparing to cook 

We use the highest quality of ingredients to craft or cakes and other desserts. We make sure that our ingredients are safe for your consumptions, and we practice good sanitary conditions for our baked goods.